Saturday, May 06, 2006

today was the wrap for the latest show i was wrap was about 10:30...finally got out of location around 1:45 because the owner kicked us out. relatively easy wrap out due to a small package but was hanging out with grips, sound and the location guy. interesting group. was closest to the grips, fell out for a couple of days, then was back in good graces at the end. it was finally after a couple of beers that the shit came out about what we were mad at each other for tonight. walkie ettiquette or something. stupid shit, really. hugged it out and i think we left on good terms, but the site owner came by before it was all really resolved. not sure how things will be in the future, other than that i may or may not work with these people ever again - such is the nature of the business.

time to go to bed drunk and missing a contact lens. i guess that's a good night?!?! was defintely interesting.


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