Thursday, May 11, 2006

This morning I had a bit of an adventure. I went to go move my car for street cleaning and when I came back to my apartment, I realized I never put my house key back on my key ring after running yesterday. Ooops. After trying to pry open my front windows and knocking on various doors in my complex, I ended up going to the local grocery to buy a phone card in order to call Josh to get his key. This plan suceeded because 1) josh was luckily still in town (he's going to Baltimore on Saturday) and 2) I actually had my car, so I was able to drive over to where they were shooting and get his key. Unfortunately, I was in my pjs, only having intended to move my car and come home to get ready for the day. Great first impression I made on some of the people he was working with. On the bright side, the camera op, Jeff, who I know pretty well, shared his own laundry woes with me, stating he was at the bottom of the barrel laundry wise and wearing swim trunks as boxers. Pretty funny.

Now i'm clean, working on doing laundry and cleaning the apartment. Good times.


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