Saturday, May 27, 2006


Yesterday I day-played on a indie movie directed by and starring Rob Schneider ( of Deuce Bigalow, Adam Sandler-sidekick fame). It was with a great group of assistants, a couple from Boomtown, some I hadn't seen in ages. The AD team also was the same from Death Elaine and I deemed them, "the Heathers." A wonderful little reunion of sorts.

What made it really interesting was we were shooting a prison shower scene, complete with makeshift shivs and nunchucks made out of soap on a rope. Schneider plays a wanna-be karate master who ends up in prison, beating up neo-nazis and fending off other prison stereotypes. Being this a shower scene, I saw more naked men yesterday in one place than I've ever seen. Really unattractive naked men. Especially Mr. Schneider. Nice guy, just so not my type. I ended up having to wrangle cable at one point, which was fairly normal, except Rob ended up about 6 inches from me due to camera placement, his naked ass creeping into my personal bubble of space. I kept praying to myself, "please don't back up please don't back up." Can't say that I've ever been that close to a naked man I wasn't dating.

I think i'm done with the prison movies for awhile :)


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