Tuesday, May 16, 2006


so last night i was really dumb and grabbed the handle of the pan i had minutes before pulled out of the oven. all i could think was PAIN and that i didn't want the super hot pan to fall on the ground and spill the super hot pork juices all over me and the kitchen. managed to save the pan, and make a decent sauce with some butter and beer. but my hand definitely stung. i think aloe took care of most of the burns but there's a nasty one on my pinky that doesn't feel too good. every day is a learning experience and i am a very special person. yeesh.

otherwise, this morning's been productive, with a trip to the doctor for a physical, made an appointment to take my car in to look at the weird clunking noise, and dropped my dress for clint and kelly's wedding this saturday at the cleaners. other than the dentist this afternoon (ick), not a bad day.


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