Saturday, May 27, 2006


Today was the kind of day that you wish every day could be. I went down to Balboa (Down near Newport Beach - of the OC fame if you will) with my friend Ivy to hang out with some of her USC friends. A bunch of ADPis mostly and their guy friends. One of the girl's parents have a house down there and brought a ton of food and set up an area around a fire pit. Hung out for a couple of hours, talking, eating and setting hotdogs and marshmallows on fire. As every good beach day should go. The skewers provided weren't quite long enough to use to roast the food so we created extension pieces using pieces of the wood pallets the host brought for firewood. We nailed the skewers to the wood and it worked remarkably well. Wish I had my camera with me...they would have been some great pictures.

We even ended up in the ocean at the end of the was too cold earlier, but as the air temp dropped, the water temp remained pretty warm and it felt really good once you got over the shock of the cold. The undertow was pretty bad, so we ended up being pushed about 100 yards down the beach from where we entered and I got wrecked by some waves as I tried to get out. But it was a blast. Wish every day could be like that. But without the sunburn - no matter how hard I try, I seem to get burned somehow. Even with multiple layers of sunscreen. Oh well. :)


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