Saturday, December 27, 2003


figured i'd list the things i've worked on in LA so far so if any happen to see them, you'll know to appreciate them on more than just a crappy tv/film level...enjoy...

Boomtown (NBC season 2 - cancelled)
Weird Travels (Travel Channel - mondays at 8 eastern time)
Twista - Slow Jamz (music video...apparently has some airplay on mtv)
When Do We Eat (indie feature...maybe, possibly will have distribution)
His and Hers (Bravo make-over show pilot...maybe will be picked up...)

will be updated as necessary.....

so, randomly, flipping through the channels tonight i found the last three episodes of boomtown that i worked on airing on nbc. since the show was cancelled, i never thought i'd see them but here they are. they're remarkably true to the final script that i read...i guess when the show's cancelled they don't do a lot of reshoots or rewriting...they just want to attempt to get their money's worth out of what was already filmed. but it's sad to see them, thinking of all the people i met working on that show and are now out of a job. i'm sure most of them found new work pretty quickly...they seemed good at their jobs and most fielded multiple job offers before choosing boomtown this past season. i guess that's the life of the production entertainment industry. can't wait until i'm in that position...freelance no paying independents aren't really my style. but everyone has to pay their dues.

Monday, December 22, 2003


i created this blog to commit to something what i'm thinking at any given time and possibly to see if anyone else actually cares to read what i've said. if anything, it'll be good to publish my thoughts and get them out of my head. enjoy.