Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I don't know how my bosses are even remotely successful. I think if someone were to eliminate the position of personal assistant from their lives they would literally fall over and curl up like fetuses. They are that dependent on other people.

For example, just now, even though I had sent my boss the night before directions to his two interviews today, he called up 29 minutes before he was supposed to be in studio to get directions. When I asked him if he got the directions I had sent to him earlier, he told me he was too busy to check them. And then I find out about a meeting that he scheduled and didn't tell me, throwing off what I had scheduled for him, which means that 10 other people who were depending on him to be where I said he would be now don't have access to him.

I give up.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004


so, i am the new executive assistant in the american family offices at sony picture studios. it's an illustrious job of assisting the two executive assistants (barbara martinez jitner and gregory nava), answering phones, dealing with a lot of normal office bs, etc. shouldn't be too bad...it's money and temporary full time employment, which i haven't had for awhile (since boomtown). and it's only through june (until they're done with post for season 2) so if it turns out to be awful, then i'll be ok. so thanks to those who offered advice/encouragement on taking this...i'm still not 100% excited but it'll be all good.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


in other news, my wonderful parents bought me a huge ass tv for my birthday...no more broken 13"...yay for 27" greatness!!! DVDs have never looked better :)
i want to work but.......

i was offered a full time position in the american family offices, where i occasionally PA. it's tedious work...lots of transcribing editors notes and running silly errands for the obsessive/compulsive executive producer. the other people in the office are nice and it would be nice to have a full time job, but it this really what i want to do? it would only be through june, so it's not so full time for keeps...it's a tease of the full time. BUT, there's always the "buts"...you never know what will come along and be great. what if nothing else comes along? i want to be a camera assistant damnit. but that's not really happening right now.

i told the producer "thanks but no thanks" but she told me to call her back if i change my mind. i know i'm the only one who can make this kind of decision but any advice would help...

so, any ideas?