Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i apologize for not updating sooner but i feel like i've been working constantly this past month, which is nothing to apologize about when you work freelance! i think i've worked every saturday for a month, which is a really weird feeling when your day off (i haven't had 2 in a row for awhile) falls on a tuesday or so. but NOT COMPLAINING!

this past weekend i had quite the celeb fest - worked on a Foo Fighters video sat and sun, which was awesome. the band is really great - super friendly and hung out with the crew. dave grohl was always dancing around and singing and he was really great with fans that walked up to him - he seemed actually interested in what they had to say. i've also decided that if i wasnt' dating josh i would have to find me a rock star - the foos are all kind of goofy looking in real life but when they were doing the performance stuff it was amazing - so full of confidence and sex appeal. the song's called Resolve - it's more mellow but i really liked it. the video has dave falling in love with a mermaid at a sushi restaurant. also, i've decided that if i ever get to the point of shooting my own stuff out here, i need to have a technocrane. for you non film people, it's basically this giant extension arm that the camera can mount on the end of it and swing around on that can also extend and retract in this seamless motion so the camera looks like it's floating. amazing.

if that all wasn't super cool, then on monday i got to work with arnold schwarzenegger. he was shooting some political commericals for the upcoming prop election in california. 1) it was the easiest day's work i've had out here in awhile. all i did was load a couple of mags and got paid union rates for it! 2) i got to work with the terminator! he wasn't as tall as i thought he would be (he's still 6'1" and has super wide shoulders but since i guess they pair him with really short actors he always looks huge on screen) but he was nice and friendly 3) i got to work with the crew who shot terminator and all of his other movies - huge DP (alan greenberg) and AC (al cohen) who can pick and choose their projects like nobody's business. so hope to work with them again!

other than that i've been keeping busy working on various things: pickups for features that i worked on in april, other music videos, some PSAs for the state of california involving lots of asian babies (all for you ashley beckwith!). josh has been on the road for his bullriding show for TLC so it's been nice to be working.

i'm actually going on the road on thurday for the weekend to rejoin the bullriding show (i worked on it in june following Brendon Clark) in Grand Rapids, MI (sept 22-25) then going to Laughlin, NV the following weekend (sept 29-oct 3) to help shoot the event there. Then who knows (maybe texas for my dad's/mom's/brother's birthdays) then i'll be in las vegas for 2 weeks for the pbr (professional bull riding circuit) finals. so if anyone will be in vegas from oct 25 to nov 7, i'll be staying at the excalibur. good times.

kara - i promise i'm mailing your present today - it's just taken me longer than i thought to put it together!

so that's about it. it's raining here today for the first time since may so it was really nice to wake up to the sound of raindrops. i'm going to try to avoid the roads as much as possible since LA goes to hell in the rain but it's a nice change from sun (people say i'm crazy for saying it but sometimes you need a break from 80 degrees and sunny!)