Monday, December 27, 2004

went car shopping today. it was...interesting. good news is that the RAV4 is still in the lead in possibilities, which makes me happy that i liked the way it drove, etc. it's definitely smaller than the buick so that would take some getting used to. i'd like to drive it again but that can wait until i get back to LA.

i liked the way the honda CRV drove but i'm not too big of a fan of the exterior and there were a few interior design things that bugged me - namely the placement of the shift knob (up on the dash next to the radio??) and the hand brake (also in the dash area). but it drives really nice and it slightly bigger than the RAV4 without being absurdly bulky. it might be better to tote around equipement but do i go for style over functionality? not sure quite yet.

also looked at the chevy sequoia and ford escape but the rear seats don't fold down flat so they aren't ideal. also they are larger than the other 2 and i don't think i need that much space. plus the sales guys at the chevy and ford dealers were awful and i couldn't leave too soon.

i also drove the nissan exterra which was nice if a bit big. it didn't drive quite as well as the others but it was comfy and i like the way it looks. probably too big.

but my dad gave me lots of good advice on car buying, as well as the nice guy at the honda/toyota dealer so i feel alot better about going on my own in LA. just got to be firm and tell the salesperson what i want.

i'll keep y'all updated on the new car progress. if you have any ideas on colors, let me know too.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

i spent most of my afternoon today helping my dad clear leaves out of the yard. it doesn't sound exciting - in fact it sounds rather tedious - but i actually enjoyed myself. it was beautiful out, especially compared to the cold of the past few days and it was great to be out in the sun. and it was rather satisfying to see the beds free of leaves. the previous owners of the house i don't think had cleared out the beds since maybe the early fall. arms are a bit sore from raking but it's a good feeling.

car shopping tomorrow. should be interesting. anyone have any tips?

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas everyone :)

currently at home in texas - new house, same old stuff. my parents moved across town into old town into this house that was built in 1905. other than being a bit cold and the decor a bit outdated, the house is really great. lots of space, a great yard, and just a good vibe about it. the kitchen is the worst part about it - weird purple/pink cabinets and outdated appliances - i actually have a pair of pants that are the same color as the cabinets. cute on pants, not very appetizing though. renovations are in order though so probably by the time i next come home - most likely next christmas - everything will be all nice and spic and span.

christmas was really nice. i got a new computer to finally replace my old 6 year old laptop. a spiffy sony vaio with 13" widescreen display. very bright and nice to look at. and it has wireless built in, which is great. no more waiting 20 minutes for it to start up or anything. very excited. also got the seinfeld dvd set, complete with ketchup and mustard container salt and pepper shakers - looking forward to watching the extras. my mom also got me these really cute purses from their trip to england - can't wait to show them off. it's nice being back home and hanging out with my family - don't get to see them as often as i want. parents are supposed to come out to LA at some point this spring - hopefully after josh and i get a new place.

no big plans for the rest of the time i'm here. hopefully my dad and i can go fake new car shopping so i have an idea of what i need to do when i finally go on my own. having never done it it's a bit daunting - but i can't wait to have a car that will start regularly and one that's not the size of a boat. i leave on new years eve so plenty of time to relax and chill out - play with my dog, veg on the couch. sounds good to me.

the new year looks like it's starting off well for me - i got a call for work when i get back - something for spike tv, probably a commerical. this guy who i've worked on my last 3 or 4 jobs with called me about it. he wants to make me his regular 2nd AC which is great since he works quite a bit and hopefully it'll give me enough hours to join the union - definitely a goal for 2005.

for those in LA, i'll be at jo yao's for new years at her shindig so if you're going, i'll see you there. if not, then have a very happy new years - i probably won't update this before then.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Well, today is my 4 year anniversary with josh. 4 years is a long time to know anyone, never mind actually to say you've been dating someone for that long. various people, some we've known forever and others we've just met, have been starting to ask "when???" but it'll happen when it does. i have no doubt that i'll marry him - it's just a matter of when. i feel no pressure - it's enough to know he's there for me. and i don't want the hassle of actually planning a wedding any time soon :) it is curious though since we've talked about that we're both cool with being engaged, etc i just wonder how/when it'll happen. the other night josh and i were sitting around with mike (helenek - his roommate) and josh was talking about the pressure of coming up with some special way to ask. he's not really the candlelight dinner/date proposal type - i think it has to be more elaborate than that. in the mean time, i just want to find an apartment for us and be able to have a space of our own. i've moved out of my old place and into his apartment with mike and justin (random roommate from miami who manages at abercrombie but really wants to be a hip hop dancer - strange but really nice guy - he actually has fake gold teeth and a belt buckle that says "fuck"). it's fun being able to hang out with the guys but sometimes you just want your own space. i want to unpack my suitcases from the summer (yeah, i know it's november but i consider the travelling job from the summer) and be able to live in a nice homey space.

yeah, i'm getting old and i don't mind.