Monday, May 29, 2006

Three things made me very happy today:

1) Ivy called and we went to lunch down at Urth Cafe on Melrose. Had a fantastic waffle with fresh fruit and a great Spanish iced coffee. Great people watching place and I felt trendy without being over-priced.

2) After Urth, we went down to Main Street in Santa Monica. Never been down there before but super cute boutique shops that I can't afford and more good people watching. Definitely a place I'll go back to.

3) While down on Main St, we went to Pete's Coffee where I got an iced jasmine tea. So tasty with the fresh lime juice in it.

Yay for nice summer-like days!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


Today was the kind of day that you wish every day could be. I went down to Balboa (Down near Newport Beach - of the OC fame if you will) with my friend Ivy to hang out with some of her USC friends. A bunch of ADPis mostly and their guy friends. One of the girl's parents have a house down there and brought a ton of food and set up an area around a fire pit. Hung out for a couple of hours, talking, eating and setting hotdogs and marshmallows on fire. As every good beach day should go. The skewers provided weren't quite long enough to use to roast the food so we created extension pieces using pieces of the wood pallets the host brought for firewood. We nailed the skewers to the wood and it worked remarkably well. Wish I had my camera with me...they would have been some great pictures.

We even ended up in the ocean at the end of the was too cold earlier, but as the air temp dropped, the water temp remained pretty warm and it felt really good once you got over the shock of the cold. The undertow was pretty bad, so we ended up being pushed about 100 yards down the beach from where we entered and I got wrecked by some waves as I tried to get out. But it was a blast. Wish every day could be like that. But without the sunburn - no matter how hard I try, I seem to get burned somehow. Even with multiple layers of sunscreen. Oh well. :)

Yesterday I day-played on a indie movie directed by and starring Rob Schneider ( of Deuce Bigalow, Adam Sandler-sidekick fame). It was with a great group of assistants, a couple from Boomtown, some I hadn't seen in ages. The AD team also was the same from Death Elaine and I deemed them, "the Heathers." A wonderful little reunion of sorts.

What made it really interesting was we were shooting a prison shower scene, complete with makeshift shivs and nunchucks made out of soap on a rope. Schneider plays a wanna-be karate master who ends up in prison, beating up neo-nazis and fending off other prison stereotypes. Being this a shower scene, I saw more naked men yesterday in one place than I've ever seen. Really unattractive naked men. Especially Mr. Schneider. Nice guy, just so not my type. I ended up having to wrangle cable at one point, which was fairly normal, except Rob ended up about 6 inches from me due to camera placement, his naked ass creeping into my personal bubble of space. I kept praying to myself, "please don't back up please don't back up." Can't say that I've ever been that close to a naked man I wasn't dating.

I think i'm done with the prison movies for awhile :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


so last night i was really dumb and grabbed the handle of the pan i had minutes before pulled out of the oven. all i could think was PAIN and that i didn't want the super hot pan to fall on the ground and spill the super hot pork juices all over me and the kitchen. managed to save the pan, and make a decent sauce with some butter and beer. but my hand definitely stung. i think aloe took care of most of the burns but there's a nasty one on my pinky that doesn't feel too good. every day is a learning experience and i am a very special person. yeesh.

otherwise, this morning's been productive, with a trip to the doctor for a physical, made an appointment to take my car in to look at the weird clunking noise, and dropped my dress for clint and kelly's wedding this saturday at the cleaners. other than the dentist this afternoon (ick), not a bad day.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

This morning I had a bit of an adventure. I went to go move my car for street cleaning and when I came back to my apartment, I realized I never put my house key back on my key ring after running yesterday. Ooops. After trying to pry open my front windows and knocking on various doors in my complex, I ended up going to the local grocery to buy a phone card in order to call Josh to get his key. This plan suceeded because 1) josh was luckily still in town (he's going to Baltimore on Saturday) and 2) I actually had my car, so I was able to drive over to where they were shooting and get his key. Unfortunately, I was in my pjs, only having intended to move my car and come home to get ready for the day. Great first impression I made on some of the people he was working with. On the bright side, the camera op, Jeff, who I know pretty well, shared his own laundry woes with me, stating he was at the bottom of the barrel laundry wise and wearing swim trunks as boxers. Pretty funny.

Now i'm clean, working on doing laundry and cleaning the apartment. Good times.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So, tonight on The Tonight Show, Leno's featuring a chef that Josh is following for an upcoming Food Network show. Chef Duff is a crazy guy who makes the most outrageous cakes. I'm told tonight's cake is pretty cool and I'm excited to see it.

Besides, he's the guy who's going to make our wedding cake, so have to give props to him!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

today was the wrap for the latest show i was wrap was about 10:30...finally got out of location around 1:45 because the owner kicked us out. relatively easy wrap out due to a small package but was hanging out with grips, sound and the location guy. interesting group. was closest to the grips, fell out for a couple of days, then was back in good graces at the end. it was finally after a couple of beers that the shit came out about what we were mad at each other for tonight. walkie ettiquette or something. stupid shit, really. hugged it out and i think we left on good terms, but the site owner came by before it was all really resolved. not sure how things will be in the future, other than that i may or may not work with these people ever again - such is the nature of the business.

time to go to bed drunk and missing a contact lens. i guess that's a good night?!?! was defintely interesting.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I hate it when you think you're all good with a person, all buddy buddy, then all of a sudden, one day, things seem to have changed and they're really distant with no warning. happened to me today at work with someone who i thought was cool - i guess not. ick.