Saturday, October 22, 2005


i felt my first earthquake tonight...

i was sitting on my bed, watching tv, when i heard a rumble that started at the stairs outside my door and traveled through my living room to my bedroom where it shook the bed. then it stopped. probably max 3 seconds. but it definitely wasn't normal.

at first i thought that it was just my neighbors - all night they have been running up and down the stairs that lead to the rooftop deck above my apartment and when you run heavily on the stairs (or are heavy) it makes a lot of noise and shakes the living room a bit. but it was the fact that i heard the noise travel and the vibration - just an odd feeling. and when i saw on the news a few minutes later that there was an aftershock to an earthquake earlier in the day, it make me think, "where was i when that one happened??". just an odd thing to happen.

there's always a first time for everything.

while watching tv tonight, i saw the preview for the movie version of "rent". just hearing the music tugged at my heart - which is weird because i haven't heard it for awhile. it was "the thing" to listen to in high school - i believe i saw it 3 times on stage: twice through school trips (my school had weekend trips into London that went to events like stage shows, concerts, etc) and once for beth fatum's birthday party. i remember eating at the cheers bar afterwards on that one. the first time i saw rent it was magical - it was the original guy cast and mostly new girls but it was like hearing the cd performed live - it completely ruined seeing it again with other companies. the other times it was good but it was like going through the motions - the voices were slightly off and not quite as crisp. but that first time - i cried, a lot. and that's the feeling that the stupid preview brought tonight. i'm going to be a mess when i see it. definitely.