Friday, February 10, 2006


For those interested in a previous post on Begley's Best, I found the official site. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Last night, when I pulled into the location for work, I realized that I cannot escape from bullriding. The venue was an arena and the theme of the shoot was bullriding. Specifically, a piece of gum riding the bull. Yes, wrigleys has stooped that low. I'm sure it will be some scary piece of gum doing extreme things. It was just odd, the whole experience.

Luckily, it was a lot of the same crew from a video I did late last year so it was nice to see them again. Just hope that it leads to more work. It was nice to get back into the swing of things, despite running all over the arena lugging around 2 cameras since I was the only 2nd. But it was good. Really good.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Movie Update

I went and saw Brokeback Mountain the other day. It was good but Crash was better in my opinion. I was most likely affected by all the "best movie of the year" reviews - usually when I hear those I think whatever I see will be amazing and I usually end up disappointed. The acting was great - Heath Ledger was fantastic and he definitely made me cry. But for what the locations were, I wasn't all that inspired by the cinematography. The colors were fairly muted (i know, it was a "period" piece and wasn't intended to be super poppy) and the camera was fairly simple in movement and choice of placement.

As of right now, best picture goes to Crash.

Now only 3 more to see!
Will the court come to order....

I had my first stint at jury duty yesterday. I dragged myself downtown yesterday morning for the 7:30am report time and ended up sitting around for the entire day. Never got called for service - there was about 150 people in the room and I'm guessing there was 30 of us that were never called. Luckily my friend jake also had jury duty in the same courthouse so we chilled out, reading entertainment weeklys and listening to music.

We also found this cool little market down the street from the courthouse on Hill st - I think it was called Grand Central Market. It had about 10 different ethnic food vendors and a couple of fruit stands and a meat counter. The best part was each station had it's own neon sign - the meat counter had this neon cow. I really wish I had my camera on me. The fruit was all reall cheap too - unfortunately i had already been to the studio city farmers market the day before so i didn't need any more stuff.

But while at the studio city market, I was walking around the stalls and i saw one with a table of spray bottles set up. The labels said "Begely's Best" and had a picture of Ed Begely Jr on them. I wondered who the hell was selling this product and looked up to find Mr. Begely himself behind the table. I worked with him over the summer on a film, so it was really odd to see him in this "normal" person situation. I know he lives around there and he's always doing commercials for environmental causes. It was just very odd.

I'm excited because I actually have work today. My friend called me in to 2nd AC on a commercial - not sure what it's for but it's great pay and I love the guy who hired me. Should be a good time. And commercials always have awesome food. Yum!