Monday, February 21, 2005

i was told by cameron that i should update this more often...that probably won't happen but it at least spurred me to write today...thanks cameron.'s day 4 of the latest great LA rainstorm...when it's sunny you miss the rain but when it rains out here - yeesh - it never ends. it's not even a gentle spring's a "rain hard for several days so all the roads are flooded, people drive like maniacs, and there's nothing else on the news kind of rain." but it has made me realize the importance of not building your house on a hill - thanks but i really don't want my home to tumble down the side of a hill like jack. i'm not jill...don't want to be.

josh came home last night for a night as a stopover between shows for authentic...i'm glad he's working but it was nice to see him, even if he fell asleep on the couch and then had to wake up at 4am to catch his flight to dallas for this rodeo show. made for a bad night sleep for me as well - especially with phone calls waking me up at 8am. but he liked what i've done with the apartment so far even though he kept asking where things should go, like his shoes...i don't really care but i guess it was nice that he wanted to respect my attempt at organizing things. he's supposed to come back the 28, but really late - more like early march 1 - so i won't get to spend my birthday with him. stupid authentic...telling him his flight got in at 3pm and then booking it to arrive at 12am. grrr for them getting my hopes up. i guess it'll just be me and some tasty takeout...i guess that's not all that bad...i'm pretty good company!

actually have some work this week for once - some altoids spec commercial (ac-ing) on tuesday, then pa-ing for authentic on thurs and fri...then some random pa job for a cooking show on sat. but the production coordinator liked my resume and said she would try and hook me up with some AC gigs since she normally does commercials, etc. that would be really nice. it would be great to expand my contact base. as much as i like working with joseph, he's kind of passive agressive and gets on my nerves some - it would be nice to find some more 1sts to work with.

i booked a room in vegas for the vegas weekend in april...hopefully it works out that i can'll be busy with amanda and evan's wedding the weekend before but it'll be worth it to go and see holly/ashley/gabrielle/colleen and anyone else who ends up going.

i bought this magazine called budget living at savon had some cute things in it but what made it worth it was the article on how to charter a yacht in the british virgin islands for a week. the cost came to about $1400/person for the boat, airfare, food, etc which seemed like a good deal when the author compared it to the resort beaches they were going to which could cost up to $4000/night for the same size accomadations. not that i have that kind of money right now but it sounded like a blast and i'm keeping it in mind for future vacations. who wouldn't want to spend a week on a boat in the carribean with 5 friends. yeehaw!

now only if i could keep my contacts from going crazy on is pretty good otherwise

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

once again, i've fallen into the habit of reading everyone else's blogs but not updating my own - there's no excuse but it happens. the past week or so i've had a minor excuse in that i no longer have internet at home but having dsl never seemed to aid my updating in the past so whatever.

but here's an update anyway...

1) i moved! josh and i finally found our own place and moved last saturday (jan 29) - it's a lovely 1 bedroom in sherman oaks south of ventura. quiet building with a couple of dog owners - every day i seem to meet a new dog and get lots of doggie kisses - you just can't beat them. the place is in shambles but slowly i'm ridding it of boxes - you always forget how much stuff you have until you move. soon i can stop living out of a suitcase, which has been the case for the past 9 months or so (since july - yikes!). but i have the tv set up and the fridge all to myself - even when i have enough food in there for me it still seems empty...wonderful!!!!!!

2) to explain why i'm talking about myself singly in the apartment i should add that josh went back on the road on sunday (jan 30) and won't return until feb 26. he's doing another show for authentic - this time about various vacation destinations. he's only travelling around so cal so it's not too trying - san diego and palm springs - so hopefully i'll get to see him soon. it's only day 4 of him gone and he's already relaying tales of strife between the shooter and the producer...i'm guessing jeff the shooter will win out - they love him at authentic.

3) i'm currently jobless so if anyone knows of people looking for a 2nd AC, loader, pa, etc i'm game. i worked some this january...enough to pay the bills but i'd rather work a little more. the problem with being unemployed is that i want to go out and do things but doing things mean spending money so it never quite works out. i'll just have to get my kicks restocking the apartment with cleaning supplies and the like.

4) other than housing, love and work, i'm doing well. i've decided i need to be more social - sitting at home watching fear factor reruns through the static on my antenna tv isn't a social life - it just takes motivation to get up and go. i miss you chicago people (even the ones who aren't there anymore but i still consider the "chicago friends")...there are some out here but the good ones are far away. i went to a thing at dan viney's the other night to see jim joyce who was in town. i realized that i hadn't seen any of those people in ages (about a year for some, more for the others) and it was good to go out. the problem with the occasional get together is that you have the same conversations over and over (hey! what are you up to now? what are you working on? what's your life plan?) and don't tend just to have the fun, nonsense get together. i'm not sure if the crowd there is that type of crowd but it was still good to see people.

the other thing i realized while there is that i'm so out of this weird loop that exists in LA it's not even funny. listening in on jodi and hailey's conversation (i honestly had nothing to add) i realized that there are all these films and concerts and everything that i just have no access to not being in the business side of film. i don't read the trades, my lunch conversations at work don't include what premiered at sundance, etc. production just isnt' like that. not that i want to be in a business environment - i miss being able to intelligently discuss things with my friends. i guess that goes back into the being more social aspect of life...sigh.

so that last point has been kinda depressing but i've been fairly by myself the past couple of days so i've had a lot of time to think. lesson learned - anyone in la want to hang out? i'm free. anyone elsewhere want to talk? i'm also free.