Monday, July 10, 2006

Last night I went to the Pearl Jam concert with my friend Jason and it was awesome! I hadn't been to a concert in ages and it was the perfect one for my reintroduction to all things musical. Jason had tickets to Monday's show but had to work so he asked if I wanted to try and see them last night. Luckily Ticketmaster still had decent seats so we weren't completely raped by scalpers, which I thought would be the case.

We got to the Forum pretty early and decided to go get food at this BBQ place nearby which took forever. So we missed most of the opening set by Sonic Youth, which I wasn't overly upset by since I don't really know their music and what I heard wasn't all that up my alley. Chilled until 9, when PJ came on. It was pretty crazy - the crowd (one of the best in ages) basically screamed and clapped for the 5 minutes before they came on and once the lights dimmed it was pandamonium.

I really knew 7 or 8 of the songs that were played - my knowledge of Pearl Jam is pretty limited by what's played on the radio - but it was really hard not to get sucked into the energy of the crowd. For me the best song was "Better Man" - for the first verse it was pretty much just the crowd singing it - the Forum was quiet but for the singing and then Eddie Vedder came on during the chorus. I got goosebumps a couple of times during the show. Pretty kick ass.

It took forever to get out of the parking lot but I had good company so it wasn't so bad. All in all, a fantastic night and I'm really glad Jason asked me to go.

Off to go load the truck for my new job - should be a short day.