Friday, February 27, 2004

if you have had a bad day or just want a good laugh, go here.

the animations, while not the most sophisticated, make it up in style and heart. and you can never go wrong with those.

(also the source of those creepy quiznos rodent things...which josh loves for some obscure reason...his new thing to drive me crazy!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


so apparently the 2003 niteskool video (POP CYNIC) won 2nd place at the college emmys for music...nice that someone let me know :-)

Thursday, February 12, 2004


barbie and ken have broken up, all due to a new austrailian surfer named blaine...hell, i'd break up with the non-commital ken for a hot surfer go barbie!
My Back

for those of you who were wondering, i somehow injured my back on monday lifting a sign at work. for those of you who are familliar with the Disney Channel's show "movie surfers" (teens reviewing the latest disney movies in 30 commerical spots), the sign in question is the movie surfers logo that hangs above the main interview area. went to the doctor, can't lift anything for a week, hurts like a bitch but i'll make through it. might even get workers comp out of it...that would be a plus to a not so good thing...but thanks for your concern...i really appreciate it!

i would totally go for "movieoke" could you not?!?! it would spark a whole new dynasty in the thread of sunday night adpi karaoke!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

My roommates decided to have a roommate meeting last night. Topic of discussion: how both of them hate LA and want to move away. I know both of them don't have ties here (ie: jobs they like, boyfriends, etc) and i completely understand their desire to leave. Hell, if i knew what i wanted wasn't here, I'd leave too. Don't get me wrong, LA isn't hell...there are a lot of nice things about it. but there are many other places that i would choose to be besides here if my boyfriend and current career aspirations didn't exist. anyway...

this leaves me with a problem. both want to leave before the termination of our lease in august. one, basically as soon as possible. the other, not long after that. so i'm left with a 3 bedroom apartment and one tenant until august. they've both said that they would find subletters/pay the rent for the duration of the lease. but this whole business makes me nervous. it just doesn't seem well thought out. there is no plan. and i love plans. my whole life has been made of them and i feel comfortable with plans. just like signs that tell you what to do. road signs = good. forks in the road with no indication as to what directions it might be taking you = bad.

so, i guess as soon as there is a plan from either of them on this end, i'll feel much better about it. i know it might take some time, but it'll happen.

and if anyone knows someone who is looking to move to LA and needs a place to live, let me know. i'm looking for new roommates.