Saturday, June 26, 2004


finished with American Family on Friday...sense of relief...i think i'll probably feel it more on Monday when i don't have to get up at 5:30am, deal with the stop and go of the 405 and then work for 12 hours. that is what i'm looking forward to. not sure what i'm going to do with myself at this point. still waiting to hear about the travel channel/authentic job - all i know is that i'm on a team in some capacity and whenever i get sent out i'm guaranteed to be on a team with josh! can't complain about that...although it's work it's also staying in swank hotels going to vacation spots! it looks like it will be for a minimum of 3 weeks - maybe up to 6. but if i go out for that long, it looks like i'll be promoted from utility (grip/AC) to operator, which is ideal.

so i'll call on monday to see what's up. and in the meantime, i'm just going to chill out. just need to be careful not to spend money in boredom.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


With it being Memorial Day weekend and all, I had to work. Well, I didn't have to work but i couldn't find anyone else to cover the office for the weekend and since I had no plans and could use the extra money, why not. Saturday was hellish in that I had nothing to do and everyone else was running around like chickens with their heads cut off in order to complete the show by sunday night/monday morning for air. sunday was about the same but I got out early and was able to go catch a movie with Camille (roommate). Raising Helen is not a movie I'd recommend for pretty much anyone...good concept (if done before) but poor execution of the script and why they chose some of the takes to be in the final cut is anyone's guess. john corbett was cute as always but the whole pastor thing threw me off...a little too heavy handed in the "helen needs to reform her life and change for the kids so WHY NOT HOOK UP WITH A PASTOR" kind of way. but it was fun to go out with camille and not sit at home and fall asleep super early.

and then Monday rolls around. I get to work at 7am, as usual, and sat around with the intern until around 8:30am when my boss called and said that they just finished the show and she was going home to get some sleep and would be in at 11am. so after i had the intern do all of the menial tasks i could think of, i sent him home and did some new apartment hunting until about 12. then i made myself lunch from the kitchen and decided that since i hadn't heard from the boss at 12:30, i was going to call her and go home. left a voice mail and drove away. finally got my car washed (it's all sparkly and clean!!) and got home just in time to catch my other roommate leaving for the beach. she asked if i wanted to tag along and of course i accepted. just as i was changing into my bathing suit, my boss calls asking where i am. i told her that i had been sitting around for at least 4 hours with nothing to do and decided to leave since i figured she was sleeping. she then told me that she had gone out to lunch (no phone call to let her assistant know this?????) and that she was hoping to have me help her with emmy submissions for the show (which are about a month overdue at this point). i told her i was in ventura (the next county north of LA) and that I couldn't come in. she then asked me to come in at 6am today to help her finish the submissions, which i agreed to since it means I can leave at 6pm tonight (i'll hit traffic but at least i'll be home an hour earlier).

So that brings us to the present. i am sitting in my office, been here since 6am, it's now 6:45 and no sign of her. no phone call, no note, nothing. so i'm pissed.

so glad i'm giving my 3 weeks notice today! i'm so out of here on June 25. 3 more weeks. that's it. thank god.

BUT, on the other hand, the beach was fabulous. me, amie (roommate) and her 2 friends (who were super fun) drove up to santa barbara and laid on the beach for 4 hours...doing nothing. and i didn't get burnt or anything...yay! that's what a california day should be about. a beautiful coastline, lots of sun and laziness. this is why i live here. no tornados (except in the movies), not a lot of rain, just good times.